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PCI-Compliant, HIPPA-Compliant and Encrypted custom surveys and polls that are easier to create, distribute, track, collect data, report and analyze. Bulk email delivery services, embed codes for your own site, API connections for back-end services and product/service associations to your data. Medical forms, customer surveys, product evaluations, event feedback, job applications, membership registrations, event registrations, resume submissions, employment applications, satisfaction surveys, image/file submissions, signature collection... pretty much anything that needs data collection: easy, fast and comprehensive.


Becoming a member

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To become a member you need a referral from someone already a member. Ask that member to email us with your name and phone number, and we'll call you to get you started. You may also ask that member to create your account for you, which will give you instant access.


Usage & Samples

Medical Forms

Collecting secure medical responses, going paperless, reaching further.
Medical form data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, include layers of obfuscation, and transfers through SSL. The only way to decrypt patient data is knowing the account password, which is one-way encrypted, and nobody can retrieve it except the member. Forms are separated by company and division, and associated with specific reps within each company and division.

Legal Forms

Motions, agreements, disclosures, releases, revocations and other legal forms.
Letters, forms, and agreements having to do with contacting companies, clients or witnesses take time to write, print, mail, complete, and get mailed back. Then there's the process of deciperhing handwriting and translating that data into another system. This is especially slower when the delivery is at a distance. Why not digitize the entire process, know when the recipient received delivery, viewed the form, completed it, and all in digital format!?

The Core App

Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Email: support@ezfastforms.com

Phone: 801-253-2564

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Encryption & Obfuscation

  • 2048-bit Encrypted SSL Connections ~1.5 million years to crack
  • 100% encrypted codebase — Industry leading server-side code encryption
  • Password Encryption — One-Way Encryption, so only you can unlock your account
  • Identity Encryption — Recipients are encrypted to protect private info
  • Email Account Encryption — Sender accounts are encrypted to protect your email
  • Data Validation — All submitted data is validated to prevent abuse
  • Data Cleansing — All submitted data is cleansed to prevent corruption