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PCI-Compliant, HIPPA-Compliant, PII-Compliant and Custom Encrypted surveys and polls that are easier to create, distribute, track, collect data, report & analyze.

Medical forms, customer surveys, product evaluations, event feedback, job applications, membership registrations, event registrations, resume submissions, employment applications, satisfaction surveys, image/file submissions, signature collection... pretty much anything that needs data collection: easy, fast and comprehensive.

  • Custom one-way encrypted login protection.
  • Encrypt all fields, or custom confgure which fields are encrypted.
  • Emails are sent from your own account to maximize recipient approval.
  • Cutom embed codes/links so you can deploy from your own site.
  • API connections for back-end services. Download XLSX data exports.
  • Configure product/service associations to your forms and data.
  • Bulk email delivery services.


We continue to develop new features and welcome our members to participate in the process. Need special functionality or want something that seems useful? Let us know and odds are we'll integrate it as a new feature.


Manage your Forms, URLs, QR Codes, Banners, Videos, Templates, Shortcodes, Associated Products/Services/Reps, Email/Text (SMS) Alerts, PDF Files, Access Restrictions, Encryption Controls, Submission Triggers


Manage Form Questions, Question Types, Answer Options, Required or Optional, Encrypted or Plain-Text, Show/Hide, Display Order. Choose from a large list of question types with Secure Data Cleansing and Validation.


Manage your Products/Services lists. Associate products with forms to distinguish answer sets as product-relevant and for reporting purposes. Generate product-specific forms associated with product reps.


Manage Identities, which are your optional recipients. Name them (alias), use an Alternate Reference (internal identifier), assign Identity Keywords. Assign identities to Company Divisions. Associate identities with products.

Admins & Staff

Manage Admins & Staff to provide access or restrictions to administration systems. Assign them to Company Divisions to group or restrict access to forms and data. Distribute management to your whole team.


EZ Fast Forms generates Alert Emails and Texts (SMS) when form data is received, if Reps are assigned to your Form, have an email or mobile phone number, and the form is configured to Send Email Alerts and to Send Text Alerts.

Why Choose EZFF?

We built EZFF to be ultra-lightweight, really fast, mobile-responsive, offer advanced encryption and compliance, give users an ease of use, integrate error handling and messaging, and provide a greater selection of options and features.

Custom Domains & Subdomains

Get a free EZFF subdomain, use your own Domain, or a Subdomain of your existing Domain. EZFF subdomains depend on availabilty. Domain/Subdomain assistance for a fee.

Lightweight, Fast & Responsive

EZ Fast Forms was built on a PHP & MySQL & jQuery & Bootstrap Architecture, reducing server load, increasing performance & Traffic Loading, and works on mobile devices.

Many Features & Options

Avoiding the Kitchen-Sink Conundrum, EZFF sticks to the functions/options that make sense, side-stepping the fluff, and focusing on Streamlined Data Distribution & Retrieval.

EZFF Membership

EZ Fast Forms Membership is easy and affordable. Cancel anytime. Reduced cost for Yearly Membership.

Manage forms, questions and answers quickly and easily.

EZ Fast Forms was designed and developed as a custom administration system framework with the intent of being easy-to-use, fast, and secure. The goal is to provide secure compliant forms for surveys, questionnaires, etc, then alert you when answers are submitted, and make it easy to access and migrate those answers into your internal systems.

Company Divisions let you distribute shared access to your account with distinction of data. Forms, Reps, and Products are Division-specific, while reporting and data analysis can be common for Owners and assigned administrators.

Make your surveys, questionnaires and other forms easy-to-use on mobile devices and tablets, for on-the-go access.

All of our designs are mobile responsive to provide easy viewing and completion on mobile devices, from small handheld devices to larger tablets and workstations.

Error messaging is informative to aid users in correcting invalid answers, finding required questions they missed, and increasing form completion and submission success rates.

You choose who accesses your forms, from public access to identity-specific tokenized access to group access with a common passphrase or staff-only internal access.

EZ Fast Forms Pricing

We offer custom membership levels upon request, or choose from our popular plans below.



  • 5 Forms
  • 3 Products
  • 1 Admins
  • 1 Reps
  • 1 Company Divisions
  • 1000 Responses/month
  • Optional $390/Year
  • 5 Day Trial Included
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  • 12 Forms
  • 12 Products
  • 2 Admins
  • 12 Reps
  • 2 Company Divisions
  • 6500 Responses/month
  • Optional $675/Year
  • 5 Day Trial Included
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  • 25 Forms
  • 25 Products
  • 10 Admins
  • 50 Reps
  • 10 Company Divisions
  • 15000 Responses/month
  • Optional $1200/Year
  • 5 Day Trial Included
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Email us at and we'll reply.

  • Absolutely. Lets discuss the account options you need and create a custom account for you.

  • Account usage is limited by the various Max Count settings. Some things are limited such as the number of Forms, Company Divisions, Products, Reps and Identities. The number of User Form Submissions is not limited, but your overall data storage may become limited, if it becomes excessive, which is rare. User File Uploads consume disk space and that's a possible cause. Purging old data is the solution.

  • Well, lets be honest here. Your data is secure and can be privatized, so you can use EZFF for anything you desire. The only exception is if your use of forms results in harming someone, which results in legal action that lands in our lap. Data is just data, and we love data! We have a hands-off policy, unless we are compelled to be involved.

  • We built EZ Fast Forms to be easy-to-use and mostly self-explanatory. If our Help Tutorials don't get you into action, or you simply want someone to do it for you, call us and we can help, at a fair cost. We're pretty efficient at getting things done, but it still takes time, so we charge $75/hr for general assistance work, $5.00/question for Online Forms setup, and $6.50/question for Interactive PDF Design & Development. We have a $50 minimum to get started.

  • Yes. Each form has a Start and End Date, which are blank by default. Simply select a Start Date to delay when users can start accessing your form. Select an End Date if you want to control when the campaign should close. Start Dates are the midnight start of the day, and End Dates are the midnight close of the day. You can use neither, both, or either date limitation.

  • Yes, but it requires us to build you a Template, which might require a service fee. Custom Templates are only accessible to your account. Public Templates are available to all users. Custom Template design costs $75/hr. If we determine that your template is appropriate for everyone, and you aren't asking for restricted access, the Public Template design may be free. It's worth a conversation.